Aerospace heat treatment & brazing services

Heat Treatment & Brazing

Using our latest TAV furnace we are able to carry out vacuum thermal treatments up to 1300°C on parts up to 1.2m. And with onsite testing for many processes the parts are ready to continue to manufacture or return to our customers shortly after removing from the furnace.

    • Fully Nadcap approved
    • The vacuum furnace utilises the latest PC and PLC based control and data logging ensuring compliance with current aerospace quality standards AMS 2750 & NADCAP.


  • Typical Thermal Treatments include:
    • Harden and Temper
    • Annealing and stress Relieving
    • Solution treatment and Precipitation

Hardness testing is available with our Mitutoyo Hardness testing machine:

  • Macro hardness testing 1kg – 20kg
  • Minimum reading of 0.1 microns allowing small indentations to be measured with high precision.
  • Can test a wide range of materials.
  • Conversions from other hardness testing scales
  • Current quality standards conform to NADCAP, ASTM E384, RPS 9969.
  • UKAS calibrated

Aerospace heat treatment & brazing

Our extensive capabilities

Rolled Rings & Section

Complex profiles are manufactured from a wide range of sheet and coil materials including the latest generation of nickel based alloys and titanium beta alloys.