Honeycomb Rings

We procure honeycomb, braze it to our sheet metal rolled and expanded rings, and EDM grind the final diameters to very close tolerances. These components offer extremely rigid rings with numerous applications including sealing rings used in gas turbine jet engines.

MJ Sections provides a full turnkey service through an established supply base. We deliver ‘fully finished’ components in terms of:

  • Heat treatment condition and surface treatments (painted / anodised, plating, bonding etc)
  • Brazing
  • Surface finish
  • Dry film lubricant
  • Plasma spray
  • Aluminise
  • Tuftriding
  • Nitriding

Our extensive capabilities

Rolled Rings & Section

Complex profiles are manufactured from a wide range of sheet and coil materials including the latest generation of nickel based alloys and titanium beta alloys.