Pressing & Fabrications

Metal Pressing

The Press Shop comprises both hydraulic and mechanical presses with capacity up to 225T and a bed size of up to 1.

Our hot forming facility (induction and convection) allows us to form exotic titanium materials that cannot be processed by conventional cold forming.


By combining the skills of our core manufacturing areas (rolling / sheet metal, press work and machining) we produce both large and small fabrications, assembling detail parts together by welding (fusion and resistance), brazing, riveting and bonding.

Through eliminating sheet metal and machining sub-tiers, we offer:

  • Integrated project management
  • Simplified purchasing and scheduling
  • Elimination of all intermediate logistics uncertainties
  • Reduction in lead-time
  • Effective cost control
  • Overall cost savings

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Our extensive capabilities

Rolled Rings & Section

Complex profiles are manufactured from a wide range of sheet and coil materials including the latest generation of nickel based alloys and titanium beta alloys.