CNC Machining in action

Our Machine Shop manufactures a diverse range of products by CNC turning and multi-axis milling. Components are produced from basic wrought materials, plate, forgings, castings and bar formed profiles manufactured in-house.

Typical components produced consist of: pipe end fittings, shrouds, brackets and sealing rings to an accuracy of 8 microns.

CNC Machining Capabilities

We specialise in 3 and 5 axis CNC milling, as well as manual milling. The maximum envelope size is 1000w x 400d x 400h.

We also have extensive CNC Turning machinery, capable of a max diameter of 63″ / 1600mm. Skilled manual turning is also performed when required.

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Our Extensive capabilities

Rolled Rings & Section

Complex profiles are manufactured from a wide range of sheet and coil materials including the latest generation of nickel based alloys and titanium beta alloys.